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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Welp, I missed rehersal this sunday passed. I was not expecting the guitar player to be there, so I did not bother checking... No biggie. I went by afterward, he said oh, I cannot make it next week so I thought I'd do it today.
Not together...Noone bothered to cehck if I was around... no biggie. LIke I said I do not expect much here.

I ran into the singer this a.m. on my way to work. "Oh I saw you Sunday, I was not sure if that was you, yada yada yada. No biggie...
I'm moving to Orange Co., but I still want to do this with you guys, I have a cd for you of us...
Oh, we are doing an open mike this Sunday can you make it? It "A"'s birthday..."

Well, this was short lived, we'll see..

Monday, September 18, 2006


Fourth rehersal on Sunday. I got to listen to a play back of some things we taped and made a small recording of one song. Not Bad, I was surprised. With some work this could be a good sounding band. I really wish there was a drummer. I was asked if I can sing...hahaha. I'll pick out a couple of songs later.

Anyway, it has been awhile for me playing but I still sound pretty good. It has been years sicne I got to play Harmonica this much, I'm likeing that, doing the Bass and the Harp nice. I like the sound. More so we there is some funk to it. Reminds me of WAR.

The singer/leader says she is moving to LA at some point, so I really can not expect much from this, though I am playing which is great and I met this guitar player...

Maybe we'll get one live performace out of this...

I also found out I can still have a musically career in Japan, nice That pleased me to no end...

you never know what the tide will bring.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


I have to admit I was surprised today.

It was our 3rd rehersal. It was like they were really workingon stuff today. I had not been taking this seriously. I am still not especting much from this. However B seems really for real about doing this. From my view this needs aLOT of work before ready to play anywhere.

However today on a couple of song, I got my groove on, I was feeling it. The guitarman, had record a couple fo tune we did and on playback it really sounded like a band. I was surprised. A drummer would really help!
However getting B to use the drum machine made a big difference!

A Bass really needs to have a drum, some beat to work with to make the thing happen.

We'll see how this goes, they are talking about a open mike session which is basicly, a walk in to a club and do a couple of songs. Sure why not after some more practice, I can can get my groove on.