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Sunday, September 03, 2006


I have to admit I was surprised today.

It was our 3rd rehersal. It was like they were really workingon stuff today. I had not been taking this seriously. I am still not especting much from this. However B seems really for real about doing this. From my view this needs aLOT of work before ready to play anywhere.

However today on a couple of song, I got my groove on, I was feeling it. The guitarman, had record a couple fo tune we did and on playback it really sounded like a band. I was surprised. A drummer would really help!
However getting B to use the drum machine made a big difference!

A Bass really needs to have a drum, some beat to work with to make the thing happen.

We'll see how this goes, they are talking about a open mike session which is basicly, a walk in to a club and do a couple of songs. Sure why not after some more practice, I can can get my groove on.


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